Dies for the diecasting

From its establishment in 1985, Alfastampi has specialized in the design and construction of dies for the diecasting and aluminium and light alloys. Through the integration of advanced technology, investment and human resources, the company has developed an organization capable of providing its clients with high quality dies and short delivery schedules.

Through the use of CAD/CAM, integrated CNC machines and highly qualified personnel, Alfastampi is able to manufacture dies with overall dimensions to 2500×1500 mm and weights of 25 tons.

Particular attention is given to material selection. Steels are purchased from the world’s leading producers and are completely documented and certificated while to ensure maximum die working life the heat treatment methodology and process is strictly controlled.

Dies designed and manufactured by Alfastampi produce die cast parts and components for, among others, the automovie, lighting, furnishing, home appliances and electronic industries.

Dies engineering

  • The projects and the drawings are fully developed in 3D with CAD  ProEngineer  Creo and Top Solid
  • All the details of die holder and inserts are listed in a bill of materials and documented in a detailed 2D drawing.
  • Managed interfaces: IGES, STEP, DXF; Parasolid or STL etc.
  • We give technical assistance for casting simulation

Sampling and Testing

Correct operation of the die and casting precision is monitored and proven through test sampling which enables improvements to be made as required. This methodology ensures the die is supplied fully tested and production ready to the client.

In association with a partner foundry, testing is performed on presses up to 1200 tons. If required test batches or full production runs may be carried out.

Test and semple casting are subject to a very rigorous and accurate dimensional control. An in depth Quality Control Document is generated directly from the CMM coordinate axis measuring machines.

Casting proposity is checked by X-Ray in the order to identify any internal defect, blow holes and assist in the optimizations of material flow.

Our Machining

Milling machine ZAYER KAIROS 6000
7 axes – Stroke 6000x2000x1500mm

Milling machine PARPAS DIAMOND
5 axes – Stroke 2200x1500x1200mm

Milling machine OMV QUARTZ
5 axes – Stroke 2500x1500x1200m

Milling machine ALESAMONTI FT30
4 axes – Stroke 3500x1500x1500mm

Milling machine AERRE 3 axes
3 axes – Stroke 1600x850x700mm

Milling machine PROMAC   VTR D
5 axes – Stroke 2400x1000x1000mm – automatic pallet changer 4 position

Milling machine SPINNER U5-620
5 axes Stroke 620x520x460

High-speed CNC Milling machine CNC OMV HSC 1100
Rpm 30.000 4 axes – Stroke 1100x550x500mm

High-speed CNC Milling machine DECKEL DMC70V
Rpm 15.000 – Stroke 800x500x500mm

Milling machine FADAL VMC 4525
Stroke 1400x700x600mm

CNC Erosion plunge EDM machine ELOTERM P1
Stroke 1200x1000x600mm

CNC Erosion plunge EDM machine AE850
Stroke 600x500x400mm

CNC Lathe machine MAZAK
Diameter 400×1000

Tools testing MILLUTENSIL MIL 2520
Floor 2500×2000 – Clamping force 1500/2000 kN

Lathes and flag drills